Deseret Industria

In Spring 2019, I spent 2 months on a 1,500 mile self-supported bike ride around places of socio-ecological significance within the borders of Utah. I visited relatives all around the state, interviewed farmers and authors about what it means to “Live off the land”, read books about the very places I was riding through, returned to sites important to my childhood, and found new-to-me places to which I will keep returning. Along the way, I captured a series of black and white film photos representing land-use practices I witnessed. The images were printed through the traditional silver-gelatin process and mounted on textured paper with the location names letterpress printed below. This series was finished during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, and never exhibited.

Oil Well in the Uintah Basin
Alfalfa growing beneath the Book Cliffs
Valley of the Gods, recently Removed from Bears Ears National Monument
Shash Jaa’ (Bears Ears)
Bull at the base of Fifty Mile Mountain, recently removed from Grand-Staircase Escalante National Monument
Abandoned Gas Station in Skull Valley
Intermountain Coal Power Plant
Salt Evaporation Pond on the Great Salt Lake
Tuilla Valley
Abandoned Mining Machinery in Spring Canyon